The Kids Arent Alright

when we were young our futures were so bright
the old neighborhood was so alive
The and every kid of the whole damn street
is gonna make it big and not be beat
Offspring now the neighborhood is cracked and torn
The kids are growin but their lives are worn
Kids How Can one little street swallow so many lives?

chance is blown
Arent nothing's free
longin for..what used to be
still it's hard
Alright hard to see
fragile lives
shattered dreams

Jannie had a chance, well she really did
Songtexte instead she dropped out and had a couple of kids
Mark still lives at home cuz he's got no job
Songtext just plays guitar and smokes a lot of pot
she commited suicide
Lyrics Brandin OD'd and died
What the hell is goin on?
Lyric the cruelest dream, reality


30.1.07 22:06

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Eric (30.1.07 22:19)
Didn't you say i'm still a kid, too and that I should be more mature... babe, what did i do wrong...leave me alone, i gotta sleep 2 nights before we can talk.... so i'm hoping things will turn out right and your kisses will still be the same, even though yours probably won't, but it's not me, who has the power to change, i'm tired now, my life sucks, i'm stressed out, my brain's washed, i got no more life, and i don't know if you will help me get it back or leave me dying?!.....

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